This educational outreach that engages with elementary and high school girls and young women to educate, debunk stereotypes and raise awareness around STEM-related career opportunities in the mining, nuclear and mineral industry for women. With the support of innovative approaches and tools, the activities connects classrooms with the diverse female mining, nuclear and minerals workforce as applied examples of the learning outcomes in the school curriculum. The ultimate ambition is to feed this key underrepresented group of the talent pipeline through inspirational interactions.

Creating a Closer Community

We look to engage with a diverse cross-section of students and teachers in Saskatchewan, including academically gifted, inner city, community and Indigenous schools across grades 4 to 12 and into post-secondary institutions. Just as the classrooms are diverse, the industry women that classrooms will be uniquely connected to will represent wide-ranging careers in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear sector.

Gathering Top Talent

Women that embody the essence of being a role model participate as mining and nuclear industry representatives. She will share her education, experiences (both positive and the hurdles she had to overcome), contributions and leadership in her company and community. The representative and her lesson plan materials and activities will link to outcomes and indicators of the school curriculum, as created with the teacher and the team. 

Exploring the Industry

We facilitate connections with industry programs - job shadowing, career fairs and a variety of interactions/opportunities.  We want to help drive growth through parity in the mining and nuclear industry for future growth.  

Our many corporate sponsors are looking to help build those connections and we'll facilitate where possible.



The Mining Cycle Diagram shows each of the 4 stages of the mining cycle are essential to a successful mining operation and will be the main focus for meaningful classroom interactions. Each classroom discussion will focus on one or more of the mining stages introducing students to the magnificent and wide-ranging minerals industry. For example, a geoscientist speaking to the classroom about the exciting discovery of a new mineral resource and making connections to the curriculum would fall within the Discover Mine Cycle stage

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