Mentorship Program

What is it?

Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc. (WIM/WiN-SK) are pleased to have partnered with the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), Everwise and the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) to create an effective, proven, and structured mentorship program for our members and their companies. Thus, the Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program was launched.

Who is it for?

With the Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program we work towards increased recruitment and the retention and satisfaction of women within the Saskatchewan mining industry. 

  • Women interested in having a mentor, who currently work in the Saskatchewan Mining industry, supporting industries and students pursuing an education with the goal of working in the industry.
  • Men and women interested in mentoring, who work in the Saskatchewan mining sector and its supporting industrial network. 

More Details

WIM/WiN-SK has partnered with Everwise to provide mentorship and development opportunities for women in the Saskatchewan mining industry. This two-year program is funded by the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) as part of their Diversity and Inclusion Challenge. The Diversity and Inclusion Challenge was developed to invest in innovative solutions designed to increase the number of women and indigenous people employed in the Saskatchewan minerals sector.

Mentorship was targeted because Research has shown that effective mentorship programs, tailored to individuals, can significantly increase employee engagement, retention, and productivity - ultimately helping us to achieve our goals. A more diverse and gender-balanced team can result in improved innovation, profits and company culture.

Each participant, in addition to the formal mentorship experience facilitated by Everwise, will gain access to the Gender Equity in Mining (GEM) Works - Learn to Make a Difference (Module 1 - The Importance of Gender Equity in Mining) course provided through MiHR. This e-learning course will supplement the mentorship program and help participants understand and articulate the business case for improved gender equity in Canada’s mining sector.

While many companies have developed internal programs to support women and help them advance in their careers, there is still room for improvement. Discussions with WIM/WiN-SK members show many women lack strong support systems and resources, especially at remote Operations – and as a result they leave the industry. Even worse, some women do not view mining as a career choice due to negative perceptions they may have of the industry.

“Our goal is to change the preconceptions women have of the mining industry,” said WIM/WiN-SK chair Anne Gent in a Feb. 1 press release. “We also strive to retain and promote the women already in the mining industry to realize their full potential”.

Update - We are now actively recruiting for Cohort 3!

New this cohort, university and trades students interested in pursuing a career in mining or mining support industries are welcome to apply.  Selected participants will be matched with a mentor whose strengths and experience best aligns with their individual needs, goals and competencies. 

Anyone (male or female) interested in becoming a mentor is encouraged to reach out. Women interested in participating in this program as mentees can apply by emailing Mentee-mentor six-month partnerships will be made in March, and the program will formally commence in April. As a part of the program mentees will:

  • Be matched 1:1 with a mentor for a six-month partnership and have an additional 6-month access to the Everwise platform;
  • Connect with leaders in their field;
  • Develop foundational leadership skills to apply at work;
  • Join a network of peers, mentors and role models; and,
  • Set and make progress against individual professional development goals.

While our IMII funding runs out at the end of 2019, WIM/WiN-SK is working to ensure the program will continue under a new funding strategy.


[Mentee] and I had a lot of good "get to know you" conversation. I am encouraged that she can easily see things in my experience that she aligns with and is interested in taking a risk by making changes to her current path.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

We actually met face to face. The initial meeting went well and we established two goals to focus on. We have scheduled another meeting in 1 months’ time. We both have some preparation to do before our next meeting to make it more effective.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

I believe the next six months is going to be a great learning experience. My mentor and I had a very good conversation and I am looking forward to working with her during this mentorship.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

I think we really hit it off and my mentor has some great experience for me to draw from. He's also done a lot of coaching in his career so I'm grateful my pairing worked out so well.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

We both commented to each other that we can see why we were matched! My mentor has first-hand experience dealing with my primary goals.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

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