Mentorship Program

Why Mentorship?

The Mentorship Program helps further the vision of WIM/WiN-SK by connecting and inspiring a diverse workforce in the Saskatchewan Mining and Nuclear industries. WIM/WiN-SK believes a structured and targeted mentorship program can increase recruitment, retention, and provide additional professional development opportunities for women within the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries.

The WIM/WiN-SK Mentorship Program delivers a high-quality, 6-month program that builds capacity for people within and supporting, the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear sectors and aims to increase the retention of women, including Indigenous and other under-represented groups 

How does it work??

As part of the 2024 WIM/WiN-SK Mentorship Program, selected participants will be matched with a mentor based on profile information to best support their needs, goals, and competencies. The program uses an online mentoring platform, MentorCity, to match mentees with mentors and provide resources to aid and guide participants through their 6-month partnership.

Partnerships will run from April 24, 2024 until October 16, 2024.

Mentors and mentees must be willing to commit to a minimum of 1-hour per month during the 6-month partnership and approximately 1 to 2-hours during the onboarding process.


Why should you become a Mentee?

As part of the program mentees will:

  • Be matched 1:1 with a mentor for a six-month partnership
  • Connect with leaders and other people in their field
  • Develop foundational leadership and communication skills to apply at work
  • Join a network of peers, mentors and role models
  • Set and make progress against individual professional development goals


Are you a good fit?

 WIM/WiN-SK is looking for mentees who:

  • Identify as a woman
  • Are currently employed in the Saskatchewan mining or nuclear sector or are in a direct support industry (full or part time, hourly, self-employed, etc.) 
  • Have previous experience in or are working towards a career in Saskatchewan’s mining or nuclear sectors
  • Are invested and interested in personal career development

 The 2024 cohort will be limited to 65 mentees. 


Why should you become a Mentor?

  • Opportunity to give-back to the next generation of professionals
  • Help foster diversity and inclusion in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear sectors
  • Gain insight and perspective from another area within the mining industry
  • Can reside in any province and work in the mining industry or a related field


Are you a good fit?

WIM/WiN-SK is looking for mentors from a mix of backgrounds, genders, and career paths who:

  • Identify as any gender
  • Are managers, founders, superintendents, coordinators, executives, technical experts, supervisors, journey-persons, mid and senior level individual contributors, or have several years of career experience (corporate, field, or operations based)
  • Are a current or former resident of Saskatchewan and looking to return to the province
  • Committed to spend a minimum of 1-hour per month working with a mentee

The WIM/WiN-SK Mentorship program will have engaging, safe and inclusive virtual and in-person development events for program participants throughout the partnership. 


Listen to our past Mentorship Committee Chair and founder Anne Gent providing remarks about the 2021 Mentorship Program as well as the testimony of some Mentees and Mentors who participated in the cohort. 


Program Fees




WIM/WiN-SK Scholarships

Scholarships are available for those in financial need with free entry for those qualifying mentees. To apply for a scholarship, please apply here.


WIM/WiN-SK Sponsorship

Does your organization have a Diversity and Inclusion program? Would you like to support capacity building for more women in mining and nuclear in Saskatchewan through your community investment program? Contact for more information about how your company can get involved or visit here.

In 2024, corporate sponsorships come with mentee seats in addition to other great recognition and activation elements. Not sure if your company sponsors WIM/WIN but you would love to participate in the WIM/WIN mentorship program?  Contact and we will be happy to help you out. 


Apply Today!

Interested in participating as a mentor or mentee? If you have questions about the program or would like more information, please contact

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Past Mentorship Programs


[Mentee] and I had a lot of good "get to know you" conversation. I am encouraged that she can easily see things in my experience that she aligns with and is interested in taking a risk by making changes to her current path.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

We actually met face to face. The initial meeting went well and we established two goals to focus on. We have scheduled another meeting in 1 months’ time. We both have some preparation to do before our next meeting to make it more effective.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

I believe the next six months is going to be a great learning experience. My mentor and I had a very good conversation and I am looking forward to working with her during this mentorship.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

I think we really hit it off and my mentor has some great experience for me to draw from. He's also done a lot of coaching in his career so I'm grateful my pairing worked out so well.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

We both commented to each other that we can see why we were matched! My mentor has first-hand experience dealing with my primary goals.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

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