Mentorship Program

What is it?

Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc. (WIM/WiN-SK) are excited to be updating the mentoring program for 2021. We are enthusiastic that the re-launch will build on the success of past cohorts and bring further development to our mentees and mentors.

While we re-design the program in 2020, you are encouraged to continue to build your network by attending our monthly programming events.

In the past, we’ve be  pleased to have partnered with the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII), Everwise, the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR), and the Saskatchewan Mining Association (SMA) to trial an effective, proven, and structured Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program for our members and their companies.

Who is it for?

With the Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program we work towards the increased recruitment and retention of women within the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries.

  • Women, who currently work in the Saskatchewan Mining or nuclear sectors, supporting industries and students pursuing an education with the goal of working in these areas, interested in working with a mentor.
  • Men and women interested in mentoring, who work or have experience in the Saskatchewan mining or nuclear sectors and/or supporting industries.


[Mentee] and I had a lot of good "get to know you" conversation. I am encouraged that she can easily see things in my experience that she aligns with and is interested in taking a risk by making changes to her current path.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

We actually met face to face. The initial meeting went well and we established two goals to focus on. We have scheduled another meeting in 1 months’ time. We both have some preparation to do before our next meeting to make it more effective.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentor

I believe the next six months is going to be a great learning experience. My mentor and I had a very good conversation and I am looking forward to working with her during this mentorship.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

I think we really hit it off and my mentor has some great experience for me to draw from. He's also done a lot of coaching in his career so I'm grateful my pairing worked out so well.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

We both commented to each other that we can see why we were matched! My mentor has first-hand experience dealing with my primary goals.

Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Mentee

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