Past Event Recordings

2020-06-04 2020 WIM/WiN-SK's SMA Mining Week Event - WESK Report on Women Entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan

Speaker: Prabha Mitchell

Prabha’s presentation focused on the landscape of women entrepreneurs in Canada and Saskatchewan, highlighted findings of the newly commissioned WESK Report “Women Entrepreneurship in Saskatchewan” and its implications for our province. In addition, the presentation addressed the impact of COVID on WESK’s stakeholders and clients and programs and strategies to support economic recovery.

2020-05-28 Digging Deep: Understanding “Other” Ways of Knowing for Effective Collaborations and Engagement

Speaker: DR. M.J. Barrett

Drawing on research findings from collaborations with First Nations Elders and community members as well as her own teaching practice, Dr. Barrett will explore the significance of acknowledging diverse and often marginalized ways of knowing. This presentation will inform interactions and collaborations with Indigenous peoples and their knowledges.

2020-04-23 Emotional Well-Being

Speaker: Tracy McArthur

Yes, we are in a global pandemic. We're being thrown into situations that we can't control. We're bombarded with news, emails and rapidly changing circumstances. Our brains are freaking out! And that is completely normal. I'll help you understand why your brain is freaking out and what you can do to manage your mind and bring emotional well-being back into your life.

2019-03-18 Closing the Gender Gap: Results of Perceptions in Mining Research

Speaker: Jocelyn Peltier-Huntley

This presentation includes an overview of the current communication strategies related to gender equity in Canadian mining and the results from a nationwide survey which gathered perceptions from 540 current and former mining employees. Findings from the study indicate that individual mining companies are at different positions on their journey to create an industry that is ultimately reflective of the communities in which they operate. Suggestions for a multi-fronted communication strategy that encourages shifting mindsets and behaviours are discussed.