Mission & Vision

Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc. (WIM/WiN-SK) is a non-profit, volunteer based organization focused on connecting and inspiring a diverse workforce in the Saskatchewan Mining and Nuclear industries.


Driving growth through parity.


We connect and inspire a diverse workforce to be fully engaged in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries.

As our Mission and Vision states, we are dedicated to providing support and awareness to both professionals and companies to create a supportive network to attract, retain and grow the number of women in the Mining and Nuclear industries. Our organization and members are key players in the implementation of initiatives that improve gender equality, and foster the professional development of women in the mining and nuclear industries.


  • Mindful
  • Credible
  • Collaborative
  • Accountable
  • Agent for change

History and Strategic Direction

Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc. (WIM/WiN-SK) formed when the provincial chapters of Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear joined together.

Saskatchewan’s mineral resources create a strong link between mining and nuclear industries and bringing the two chapters together. Forming a stronger foundation for the organization to grow.

With our growth over the years, we have matured, we incorporated a non-profit entity, and the most recent change in our organizational structure to include a Board of Directors who is responsible for setting the strategic plan and our Executive Committees who is responsible for planning and executing the strategic plan set by the Board of Directors..

Annually, our Board of Directors meet to review and update our strategic plan. Our latest plan, vision, and mission were updated and modified in late 2019, and are reviewed and updated on an annual basis.  

Through our strategic plan, we support the goals of our parent organizations and we are very proud to share our journey on the path to developing a stronger strategic plan which will enable us to grow as an organization.

Board of Directors

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Parent Organizations

We value and support the vision of both of our parent chapters, Women in Mining Canada (WIMC) and Women In Nuclear Canada (WiN-Canada), as detailed below. For more information about either organization, please visit their websites.


WIM Canada 

As Canada’s leading organization for women in mining, WIMC envisions an industry that fosters, promotes and empowers women. We see a future where the possibilities, opportunities and dreams are the same for all, regardless of gender. In our industry, competency is what matters.



WiN Canada’s principle objectives are:

  • To develop a dialogue with the public to promote awareness around the factual contribution to people and society from nuclear technologies.
  • To contribute knowledge and experience exchange among members and chapters.
  • To promote career interest in nuclear engineering, science, technology, the trades and other nuclear-related professions, especially among women and young people.