Scholarship Program

What is it?

Parity drives growth. In order to achieve this vision, the mission of WIM/WiN-SK is to connect and inspire a diversified workforce to be fully engaged in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries. WIM/WiN-SK is offering three scholarships to promote greater participation of women in industry — in employment and leadership. The scholarships’ aims are to support a student embodying WIM/WiN-SK values and leading diversity in industry. Additionally, the scholarship winners will engage, build and grow the WIM/WiN-SK student network.

Our intention is to award three WIM/WiN-SK post-secondary scholarships of $1,000 in September 2019. One scholarship will be awarded to two university students – an undergraduate and a graduate student, and one to a student in a technical/trades related program.

Who is it for?

Students who meet the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Current member of WIM/WiN-SK.
  • Enrolled in a SK program related to fields of minerals, mining, nuclear, and/or radiation.
  • University: Full-time student in good standing, enrolled during the 2018/2019 term, and returning for the 2019 fall term. (Those entering a co-op or internship term are not eligible).
  • Trades/Technical: Full-time student in good standing registered in the 2019/2020 term. (Those finishing apprenticeship hours and returning to school are eligible but would need to provide proof of registration in order to receive payment).

More Details


Applications must include:

  • Application form (see below for download)
  • Signed privacy and publicity statements
  • A copy of the most recent academic transcript (unofficial is acceptable), or proof of enrollment
  • Resume
  • Short essay or presentation. Candidates will be assessed on their answers to the three following questions. While essay/presentation content will be weighted most strongly, professionalism and grammar will also be given consideration.
    1. How does your program of study relate to the mining and/or nuclear industry?
    2. How will you support diversity within the mining and/or nuclear industry?
    3. If awarded this scholarship you will become the WIM/WiN-SK representative for your institution. What would be your proposed action plan for engaging with the student population (specific examples appreciated)?

Answers can be provided in the following formats:

  • Written (maximum 500 words)
  • PowerPoint (maximum 10 slides)

Expectations of Recipient:

The recipient of the 2019 WIM/WiN-SK Scholarship will:

  • Based on their interests, have the opportunity to volunteer (with the help of the volunteer chair) in WIM/WiN-SK activities.


Members are encouraged to forward this information to anyone who may be eligible, and to invite potential applicants to become a member of WIM/WiN-SK, if they are not already.


The WIM/WiN-SK University 2017 Scholarship not only acted as a significant financial benefit to me but also benefited my future career aspirations and personal contributions to my community.

Alyse Kambeitz

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