Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program Now Recruiting for Cohort 3

We are now recruiting for the third cohort! New this cohort, university and trades students interested in pursuing a career in mining or mining support industries are welcome to apply. Selected participants will be matched with a mentor whose strengths and experience best aligns with their individual needs, goals and competencies. 

Anyone (male or female) interested in becoming a mentor is encouraged to reach out. Women interested in participating in this program as mentees can apply by emailing mentorship@wimwinsk.com. Mentee-mentor six-month partnerships will be made in March, and the program will formally commence in April. As a part of the program mentees will:

  • Be matched 1:1 with a mentor for a six-month partnership and have an additional 6-month access to the Everwise platform;
  • Connect with leaders in their field;
  • Develop foundational leadership skills to apply at work;
  • Join a network of peers, mentors and role models; and,
  • Set and make progress against individual professional development goals.

Each participant, in addition to the formal mentorship experience facilitated by Everwise, will gain access to the Gender Equity in Mining (GEM) Works - Learn to Make a Difference (Module 1 - The Importance of Gender Equity in Mining) course provided through the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR). This e-learning course will supplement the mentorship program and help participants understand and articulate the business case for improved gender equity in Canada’s mining sector. While our IMII funding runs out at the end of 2019, WIM/WiN-SK is working to ensure the program will continue under a new funding strategy.

For more information please email us at mentorship@wimwinsk.com. You can also learn more at this video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKKpOIVTLmw&feature=youtu.be

To apply as a MENTOR: Please confirm your interest by emailing us at mentorship@wimwinsk.com. Please include your full name, company and position, area of the province you reside/work in, areas of
interest and an email address you can be reached at.

To apply as a MENTEE: Please confirm your interest by emailing us at mentorship@wimwinsk.com. Please include your full name, company and position or school and subject of study, area of the province
you reside in, a short description of why you feel this program would be beneficial for you, and an email address you can be reached at.

Time commitment: Mentors and mentees must be willing to commit to a minimum of 1-hour per month during the 6-month partnership and approximately 1 to 2-hours during the initial onboarding process. Every participant is given the option to opt-in following the initial nomination process. Participants will be provided with curated resources that will help them develop their coaching skills. Additional details will be provided during an information session, as discussed below. Orientation sessions for mentees and mentors will be held in early March and an invitation with additional details will be sent to applicants closer to that time. There is a process of matching mentors and mentees that will review goals and objectives, skills and experience, and other factors between mentors and mentees.