In Honour Of International Women’s Day

WIM/WiN-SK would like to recognize the outstanding contribution and exceptional leadership of the following women:

Alice Wong

In addition to Alice’s very significant impact on the mining and nuclear industry, Alice has been an inspiration to individuals in her department as she took on a succession of new and expanded roles in the company, increasing her knowledge base, and influence and responsibility for managing teams and people. She displayed this in 2008, when she moved from her position as vice-president of Investor, Corporate and Government Relations to become the vice-president of SHEQ. Her new role was entirely different from all her previous roles and added a new operational component. This change was a bold move and it made others stop and think that they too could move out of their area of expertise and take on entirely new roles and Cameco would welcome it. Read more

Pamela Schwann

Pamela has helped others in the industry to identify key provincial resources that aided in influencing companies to adopting a Saskatchewan mindset regarding social responsibility and to not withdraw their interest in development in Saskatchewan as a result of uncertainty regarding “social licence” requirements. Read more

Tammy Van Lambalgen

As a member of the executive of the Saskatchewan Mining Association, Tammy has demonstrated that women are equal members of the mining industry and that there is more room for women to join the industry. She has also demonstrated that in a highly technical, engineering geared industry, administrative and support services also have an essential role to play and that the mining industry can be an excellent career choice for those in legal, communication, finance and accounting, human resources and more. Read more

Veronique Loewen

Veronique is respected as a colleague, a mentor and a friend, her door is always open for a shoulder or an ear, to provide advice and encouragement (personally and professionally). She is a true leader, a true champion for women in the workforce and a true spokesperson for the mining and nuclear industry.  Over the years she has encouraged many to own their personal vision, while being true to themselves and their values. Read more

Do any of these fabulous photos grab your attention? Want to know how you can get your own done? Please reach out to James Hodgins, a Mining & Industrial Photographer, who graciously allowed us to highlight some lovely ladies in the field! Visit his website to find out more... 

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