Event Features

We are committed to continually improve upon our conferences and after taking the time to diligently review attendee feedback from last year’s event, we are beyond excited to announce that we have many new additions and modifications for this year’s 2023 MYP Conference.

Firstly, the theme we decided upon for our MYP conference is “Growing Connections” Allyship and Beyond” as we discovered many professionals are not as aware as they would like to be of the concept of allyship and how to put this into practice in the workplace setting.  After the last few years of being entrenched in the pandemic, we all have realized much about ourselves personally and professionally and especially the sheer importance of developing, growing and nurturing connections with other like-minded professionals and discover a sense of belonging to a community greater than just ourselves.  This theme encapsulates not only where we are at in society, but also as professionals, in our personal lives and how all areas are “interconnected” and either directly or indirectly correlated with one another.    

We recognize one of the highlights from previous conferences is the ability to network with others.  Keeping this at the forefront of our planning for this year’s 2023 conference, we have decided to upgrade our networking opportunities for the attendees with the addition of Community Networking Rooms.  Within these rooms there will be numerous professionals present with many specialized areas of interest and specific “themes” where you will have the unique opportunity to personally meet, network, and learn from other professionals in a wide range of disciplines, combined decades of experience and top experts in the mining industry.

In addition, there will be many other exciting updates including door prizes, giveaways, photo booth options to capture key moments, special guest speakers and more!  We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference as we know it will be one that will be truly unforgettable and bring tremendous value no matter where you are at on your professional journey!


***CLOSED***  For 2023 we are pleased to offer MYP Student Conference Scholarship which provides for the  opportunity for selected post secondary students to attend compliments of WIM/WiN-SK.  



2023 Conference Speakers


The MYP conference and activities will be held on September 20th in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan at:

Prairieland Park, 503 Ruth Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7K 4E4 


MYP Community Networking Rooms

A community networking room is where MYP participants can come and learn from each other.  This room is a safe space to ask questions and have meaningful discussions in a casual setting. Here you will make connections, find some allies, and hear new perspectives – our goal is to build community for all conference attendees. 

Community Room 1


Community Room 2


Community Room 3


Community Room 4