Lunch & Learn Event: Mining the Cosmos

Lunch & Learn

Mining the Cosmos Presented by Keira Sawatzky, Jared Peterson & Brandon Harris

Western Canada sits at a crossroads. With the oil and gas sector’s glory days fixed firmly in the rear-view mirror, and volatility of world commodity prices resulting in lower production and fewer jobs with some of the Saskatchewan’s largest mining companies, there is more talent sitting idle in the industries than at any time in recent memory.

Outside of Western Canada, however, there is an exciting new opportunity emerging, one whose success will depend on the expertise that our engineers, scientists, financiers, lawyers and entrepreneurs already possess; the race to mine the cosmos. We have one opportunity to enter the market at the ground floor (literally) or risk losing our global competitive advantage and our chance to enter a future trillion-dollar industry.

Join us on January 21 to discuss the unlikely but overwhelmingly strong parallels between what we do here in Saskatchewan already, and what we will need to do in space. We will explore the barriers, opportunities, and the plan that Peter Lucas has created to bring our humble province into the race to mine off-earth.

Speaker: Keira Sawatzky, Jared Peterson & Brandon Harris


Keira Sawatzky hails from Saskatoon where she works as an Project Manager for Peter Lucas. Keira is a Professional Engineer and has managed projects in the power generation, mining, and software development sectors. Fearless and entrepreneurial, Keira is a rising star at Peter Lucas. Among her many talents, Keira enjoys aerial acrobatics including silks and hoop.

Jared Peterson is a grain fed, free range Saskatchewan kid raised without the use of hormones or steroids on a farm near Weldon Sk. An engineer by trade, Jared is an entrepreneur and project management guru who founded Peter Lucas Project Management in 2011. He is a father to two beautiful daughters and spends his days juggling his CEO duties and management of a busy household.

Brandon Harris is also a towny, hailing from Raymore Saskatchewan, who spent the first decade and a half of his engineering career in government before moving to the private sector where he is now chasing big dreams as the COO of Peter Lucas. Brandon is the father of three boys and can be found pretty much every evening at a hockey rink, masked and socially distant, somewhere here in the city.

Join us for an hour of networking, socializing, and learning something new!

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