Lunch and Learn Event: ENOUGH ALREADY - Bystander leadership Training

Lunch & Learn

Bystander Leadership - we all have a role in ending sexual harassment in the workplace. We can all be leaders in this issue.

The Enough Already SK Bystander Leadership Session will provide tangible tools for participants to know how to respond when an issue arises.

Overview of the topic:

  • An understanding of what sexual harassment is in Saskatchewan
  • Understand the barriers to coming forward
  • Understand the impact on Indigenous women, members of the gender and sexually diverse community, people living with disabilities, immigrant and refugee women, and others.
  • Support the development of empathy
  • Understand how to respond to disclosures and empower them with the knowledge on how to respond
  • Interactive discussions on how to approach a situation
  • Assistance with reporting, and understanding options available.
  •  Referrals and support systems available.

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