Going it Alone: Launching and Surviving Your Own Consulting Business

Networking Event

Delta Bessborough Hotel

WIM/WiN-SK once again hosted an annual networking event during the Saskatchewan Geological Society Open House Icebreaker, with keynote speaker Louis Fourie, P.Geo., Pri.Sci.Nat., Owner & Principal of Terra Modelling Services Inc.

The economic conditions in Mining and Exploration has not been rosy for several years. While we are probably off the lows of late 2015, there is not a boom going on. More pertinently, scores of geologists, engineers, metallurgists and others have found themselves standing on the sidewalk, pink slip in hand, with few to no opportunities for employment. Louis found himself exactly there, and therefore made the less-obvious choice: To make his own work. 

During this event, Louis candidly shared his experiences, lessons learned, and other observations, for those that are considering this daunting option.

Louis Fourie started his professional life as a petrologist for De Beers in 1997. A graduate of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, he has been a resident of Saskatchewan since 2007. In the last decade he has moved on to a multiplicity of mostly industrial commodities, ranging from potash to phosphate, boron and lithium. Since 2014 he has been running his own consultancy, Terra Modelling Services Inc., concentrating on geological modelling, Resource Estimation and Exploration Management. In this time he has been fortunate to be involved in projects both in Saskatchewan and NWT, as well as Spain, Peru, United States, Brazil and elsewhere. He holds Professional Designations in Saskatchewan and South Africa. He is a single father of 3 kids, and most importantly, a wonderful puppy.

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