Parity drives growth


We connect and inspire diversified workforce to be fully engaged in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries.


Strategic Planning

Recently, the Board of Directors underwent a strategic planning session where we developed our new mission and vision statement.  We still support the goals of our parent chapters and are very proud to share our journey on the path to developing a strong strategic plan which will enable us to grow as an organization!


To learn more about our Board of Directors, click here.


WIM Canada:

In our industry, competency is what matters.


  • To meet regularly to exchange ideas, information, and experience between members and between local WiN-Canada chapters and other country chapters.
  • To establish local WiN-Canada chapters in as many locations in Canada as possible.
  • To create bridges between members in the spirit of equal opportunity and the free exchange of ideas.
  • To share or create informational techniques and materials for use in Canada.
  • To actively promote the goals and objectives of WiN-Global.

Further details to come!