WIM/WiN-SK Announces the Launch of the Inaugural Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program

Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc. (WIM/WiN-SK) has been a part of the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear scene since 2010. We provide our members with personal and professional development opportunities, contribute to knowledge and experience exchange among members and promote career interest in the Saskatchewan mining and nuclear industries. We maintain a dialogue with the public to promote factual awareness about the contribution to people and society from minerals, mining, nuclear and radiation technologies.

We believe a structured and targeted mentorship program can increase recruitment, retention and satisfaction of women within the mining industry in Saskatchewan. Our goal is to create a more diverse and gender-balanced industry and have companies recognize the benefits of gender diversity and inclusion initiatives.

With funding from the International Minerals Innovation Institute (IMII) through their Diversity and Inclusion challenge, in January 2018 we tasked mining and mining support companies in Saskatchewan with nominating mentors and mentees to take part in this initiative. The response was overwhelming! Although our timelines were extremely tight, 10 Saskatchewan companies stepped up and nominated 143 mentors and 145 mentees! Although we wish we had spots for each and every mentee nominated, the first cohort will match 40 mentees with a mentor selected to help them meet their individual goals.

As part of the Mine Your Potential Mentorship Program, we are pleased have partnered with Everwise, a talent development company, to provide formal mentorship and developmental opportunities for women residing and working in the Saskatchewan mining and minerals processing industry.

The program is set to launch April 1, 2018 with its first of three (3) cohorts.  Selected participants will be matched with a mentor whose strengths and experience best aligns with their individual needs, goals and competencies. As a part of the program mentees will:

  • Be matched 1:1 with a mentor for a six-month partnership and have an additional 6-month access to the Everwise platform;
  • Connect with leaders in their field;
  • Develop foundational leadership skills to apply at work;
  • Join a network of peers, mentors and role models; and,
  • Set and make progress against individual professional development goals.

Each participant, in addition to the formal mentorship experience facilitated by Everwise, will gain access to the Gender Equity in Mining (GEM) Works – Learn to Make a Difference (Module 1 – The Importance of Gender Equity in Mining) course provided through the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR). This e-learning course will supplement the mentorship program and help participants understand and articulate the business case for improved gender equity in Canada’s mining sector.

While this initial cohort will be limited to 40 participants, we have funding for a total of 140 mentor/mentee matches over our two-year funding period. This means we will have two (2) more cohorts coming up. If you or your company would like to participate, look for more information on how to apply, coming soon!

For more information please email us at mentorship@wimwinsk.com

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