February Speaker Series: Generative Artificial Intelligence

Lunch & Learn

Generative AI session - designed to address the technology’s unique challenges and opportunities for the mining sector

The past year was defined by Generative AI. It seamlessly took over our conversations and agendas and unlocked a whole new dimension of business decisions and priorities. What to expect:

  • Empowering discussions that boost Generative AI understanding, beyond the obvious.
  • Insights on the current and future state of Generative AI based on Deloitte’s exposure and engagement across industries and ecosystem partners.
  • A mining lens on Generative AI implementation in practice
  • Q&A “Ask anything” session with Generative AI implementation expert with years of experience in the field.
  • Actionable takeaways that support your decision-making process around Generative AI in your organization.

Generative AI will have profound effects on us all, and our decisions today will shape the industry and world of tomorrow. We want to support your journey and boost your Generative AI intuition through this tailored session that goes beyond the obvious, to help you navigate this ever evolving and highly exciting field.”

Sonia Solova

Sonia is an AI/Generative AI National Technical Leader at Deloitte. She did her graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence, specializing in generative models, and has over 10 years of technical experience, specifically working with visual & language generative models for over 4 years, building AI products with the GPT-3 early access model since 2020. She actively participates in ongoing GenAI developments and leads internal and external GenAI initiatives implementation.

She also has over 15 years of international strategy and management experience across industries and functions which makes her a hybrid professional that has a deep understanding of both technology and business and acts as a translator between the two.

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